Inosine Acedoben Dimepranol (IAD)

Inosine Acedoben Dimepranol (IAD)Inosine Acedoben Dimepranol (IAD) is the lead product of Newport Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Newport is involved in the study of IAD’s impact on the immune system and viral infections.

It is a synthetic purine derivative made up of the p-acetamidobenzoic acid salt of N, N-dimethyl-amino-2-propanol (DiP.PAcBA) and the β polymorph of the β anomer of inosine (ββ-inosine) in a 3:1 molar ratio.

IAD is an immunomodulator which is indicated for the treatment of cell mediated immune deficiencies associated with various viral infections.

Newport Pharmaceuticals Ltd manufactures and supplies IAD as a drug substance to Partners Worldwide where it is approved and marketed under the trade names Isoprinosine® Imunovir® Viruxan® Virimun® and Delimmun®

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