From our beginnings in Newport Beach, California, USA, in 1970 our company today continues its operations in Ireland with a focus on generating clinical information for IAD drug products in niche applications and extending our pre-clinical knowledge of IAD, in addition to exploring possibilities for manufacturing process optimization and the development of new formulations for IAD.

The first IAD product launch was in September 1971 in Argentina, since then  IAD has been licensed in many countries for the treatment of cell mediated immune deficiencies associated with various viral infections.

Created by Newport pharmaceuticals over 30 years ago, this video portrays the main functions of the immune system in a somewhat different way – we hope that you enjoy watching this interesting portrayal of the immune system. The video is testament to the quality of immunology research that was being performed 20-25 years ago. Many of the fundamental concepts and core philosophies associated with immune function have since passed the test of time.

While viewing this video clip it should be noted that Immunology has evolved significantly in the last 10 years in so far as that we now know so much more about how the immune system recognises infection or ‘foreignness’.