Newport Pharmaceutical Vision

Our Common Objective

What we want to be

Ewopharma is the innovative partner for the marketing of pharmaceuticals and consumer health products in Switzerland and Central Eastern Europe.

“We are ensuring our success as an independent, owner managed company by systematically expanding our specialty pharma and consumer health business. We are also strengthening our hospital business in the interest of diversification and increasing returns.”

Alain Staub, President of the Board of Directors and CEO

What We Do

Our state-of-the-art market access and marketing capabilities enable us to access and develop new markets with innovative, reliable, high-quality therapies and products.

 “Team spirit is alive at our company and all of us do our part to develop and cultivate these core competencies.”

What We Offer

We systematically improve our Rx range in addition to our own brands and those of our partners. We promote the consumer health side of our business through the targeted marketing of our own brands and of a selection of strong partner brands.

“Ewopharma is and will remain a strong RX company and strengthens its position with the launch of new break-through therapies. In developing a second business unit in consumer health, we are taking advantage of market opportunities and securing our position in the market.”

What is Important to Us

Customers and Partners

Reliability, quality and empowerment shape every aspect of our company. We are professional and competent in our dealings with our customers and business partners.

“As a Swiss company, we uphold our values; they set us apart at all of our national subsidiaries – they are the standards by which we wish to be judged.” 

We strive to cultivate long-term relationships with our business partners and customers. The spirit of partnership shapes every aspect of our company.

“Our actions are governed by a sense of fairness, trust and the desire to deal with others on an equal footing.”


We are a reliable employer of highly skilled, motivated and loyal employees. Our employees take on challenges and appreciate the scope for independent action available to them. We support them in their professional development to the best of our ability.

“Nurturing and requiring, like giving and taking, are values central to ewopharma’s culture.”


At our headquarters, the central management lays down guidelines for action – the  national subsidiaries exercise their discretion in achieving local objectives and by doing so advance the entire enterprise.

“We agree on challenging objectives and provide scope for independent action by delegating responsibility and authority.”


We provide information internally and externally, in a straightforward, timely and understandable manner.

“We promote and require the exchange of experiences among the countries. We make information available quickly whenever it is required.”