Business Development

Partner with us and we can facilitate the introduction of products and product concepts to the Ewopharma Markets in Central Eastern Europe.

In Ireland we have all the necessary technical skills in-house or readily available to us. Complemented by our Group Business Development team in Switzerland in addition to our  Sales and Marketing Specialists throughout Central Eastern Europe, our Group has the experience and capabilities necessary to succeed. 

We would be delighted to discuss with you potential co-operations tailored to specific needs. Please contact us for more information.

Ewopharma concentrates on two core business units; pharmaceuticals and consumer health. In line with our company values, it is our objective to bring much-needed state-of-the art treatments to patients and consumers. We do so by building bridges for pharmaceutical companies and brands from across the globe to access our markets in Central Eastern Europe and Switzerland. We develop and implement successful go-to-market strategies for specialty, rare diseases and hospital drugs as well as consumer health products.


Pharmaceuticals represent Ewopharma’s most important and fastest-growing segment. Here we focus on the marketing of innovative, specialist medicines that provide significant clinical benefit and value, primarily in our key therapeutic areas of gastroenterology, neurology, immunology and oncology. Our Rx strategy is directed towards state-of-the-art products with compelling medical propositions in regions with a high unmet need, as well as patented and otherwise clearly differentiated products.

Consumer Health

More and more people are taking charge of their own health and their family’s health with non-prescription medicines. At Ewopharma, we aim to give more patients and consumers in our target markets access to safe, innovative, and ethical consumer health products that facilitate a healthy lifestyle and make a difference to their everyday lives. We do this with partner brands as well as with our own, e.g. Revalid® in our focused areas of hair loss and hair care, digestive health, and cough and cold.